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Sophie founded global communications agency SA Communincations in 2017 having curated a portfolio of exceptional brands representing the trailblazers within the agency’s respective industries. The agency now has a steadfast reputation for developing creative strategies to enable clients to take their communication strategy to the next level. 

Sophie is a highly sought after creative strategist, having worked with multiple household names through her agency and as a Creative Partner, including St Tropez Tan, Marc Jacobs, Ren Skincare and Colgate. 

Helping brands to communicate with authenticity

In what is a very heavily filtered world - not least when it comes to marketing, building a communications strategy that is based on solid foundations of integrity and authenticity is now more important than ever before.

"My role is to help you to truly enhance your reputation with an honest communications strategy that helps to elevate your brand and take you to that next echelon. I look forward to working with you to unveil an entirely new communications strategy - one that evokes an emotional connection with your target audience, leading to greater brand awareness, a steadfast reputation and business growth.

“In the right place, at the right time, with the right emotional connection at the heart of its message, PR can perform miracles in the most unexpected of ways - and I’d love you to experience that.”

Regularly seen within media titles including Forbes, BBC and Telegraph, Sophie is very much a leading authority within the media on all things media relations and PR.


(1) Uniquely positioned with an in-depth medical knowledge alongside a full understanding of the consumer media, Sophie is able to help health brands communicate clearly in what is a very crowded and often confusing marketplace.

(2) Having worked with some of the leading brands and voices of authority within the medical aesthetics space, Sophie fully understands the intricacies within the medical aesthetics industry, having launched some of the latest innovations to market, supported changes in legislation and managed the PR for a number of leading profiles within the industry. 

(3) From entirely new concepts to household names, Sophie has catapulted brands into the spotlight, flipped the direction of existing strategies and injected creativity into stale campaigns to create memorable moments and campaigns with a proven track record of ROI. 

we will help you to communicate with authenticity

"People are the most beautiful when they talk about something they really love - with passion in their eyes." 

Sophie xo

Key Facts

With multiple organic testimonials received from editors across multiple top-tier publications as well as founders from a myriad of well-known beauty brands, Sophie's name has become synonymous with honest and ethical PR and PR strategies that tell stories that matter most to their intended audience.

She not only succeeds in gaining first-class coverage for her clients and building communications strategies that drive more than short-term PR wins for her clients, but her ethics and integrity are paramount – meaning that she works to advocate industry guidelines and act as a positive influence in a sector which often comes under negative scrutiny.  



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“Navigating the world of PR is no easy feat - but this book is an indispensable guide to doing just that.”

Francesca Ogiermann-White, Health and Beauty Editor-at-Large

Sophie Attwood

Beautiful PR: Finding your brand's heartbeat for authenticity in communication →

Beautiful PR: Finding your brand's heartbeat for authenticity in communication →

Founder of global agency SA Comms, author of Beautiful PR and host of the Powerhouse PR podcast. Helping beauty, medical aesthetics, beauty and wellness brands communicate with authenticity.

Sophie xo

Beautiful PR: Finding your brand's heartbeat for authenticity in communication

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